Rising to the Challenge

27th Annual KATPO CE Event
February 4-5, 2022 
Marriott Griffin Gate 
Lexington, KY  

Please join us in February 2022 for our IN-PERSON continuing education event.  The KATPO board is excited to see all of you face to face as we rise to the challenge together.  More details and registration in the works. 


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Fellow Members,

Greetings! As I look out my window at the beautiful May scenery, I am amused at the deceptively sunny day with an abnormally cool temperature. What better word than “abnormal” could there be to describe the past 15 months? I believe several paradigms for us have shifted; the way we interact with others, how we approach our business, even what priorities take precedence. Let us take on a new word to describe how we move forward – “challenge.” We use the word challenge in both active and inactive ways. The inactive usage is immediately apparent to most of us in regard to our working lives. How do I keep my working environment sanitized and keep the clinic moving quickly? How do I maintain my professional demeanor during difficult interactions with people when I am already stressed and emotionally drained? I would encourage us to employ the active form of challenge. Recognize what worked and did not work in our past. Engage the issues that surround us today and rise to that challenge. Let Rising to the Challenge be our theme this year! The Board of Directors at KATPO and I are working toward increased involvement, promoting certification, and structuring our annual meeting to focus on performance with excellence in the workplace. It is my pleasure to be your KATPO president this year and I look forward to meeting with you all in person in February, 2022.  


With great anticipation,


Steven Vaught, COA

2022 President


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