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A Tribute to Mike Hanson

To capture those forever moments that opens a story to your imagination.  And a photograph where life can stand still.  Mike Hanson, knew how to perfect those images, he had an amazing gift that he shared with so many! 

Mike Hanson last photo gig was with the KATPO program.  We were thrilled that he accepted our invitation to photograph our KATPO 25th anniversary.  With anticipation, we were looking forward to seeing the big reveal of Mike’s work on Monday, February 17.  However, God had another plan for our co-worker and friend, for he passed away that weekend. 

Mike embraced his photography at the University of Kentucky Advanced Eye Care for over 30 years.  He loved his job and he knew how to make each patient feel special.  Every day you would hear the echoes from his voice with comments like, “I’m from California but I got my manners from my mom, she was from Kentucky” as he would hold the chair.  And for all the little patients he would say “Don’t look down your shoes are untied!”  and of course, he was “Liv’in the Dream.”   He will be missed!   Respectfully submitted by Deb McDonald, CRA, COT, (f) ATPO, (f) KATPO

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