Welcome to KATPO.

Welcome to the Future.

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Welcome to KATPO.  Welcome to the Future.  2020 has been a year of many changes for us as individuals and for your practices.  Change in employment, patient loads, and workups have the ophthalmic technician community learning new “tricks” of the trade and looking toward the future.


Certification is more important than ever as we see that the employment field can shift in an instant.  Certification is your degree.  It shows employers that you are serious about your profession and committed to staying current in your field.

The current KATPO board has been working hard this year to bring you the future of continuing education.  Our goal is to provide you with the same quality education while working with the new “normal”.  One of our largest undertakings has been working toward offering virtual attendance for 2021.  Our speakers are excited to bring fascinating, tech driven presentations  geared towards all levels of certification and experience.  Our keynote speaker this year is none other than ATPO’s current president, Jaqueline Pullos!  She will be presenting us with some exciting education about cultural competency.


I would like to encourage you to consider volunteering for KATPO in such ways as during our annual event, serving on a committee, or by joining the Board of Directors.  Serving KATPO is a great opportunity to connect with others in our community and having a direct impact on our annual meetings and the education offered.  

To enhance your careers and future please join us on February 6th, 2021 for our virtual continuing education meeting. 


Meranda Sandlin, COT

KATPO president 2020-2021


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KATPO welcomes you to our "Back to the Future"

2021 Virtual CE Program

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