KATPO Membership Registration

Registration fee is $25


2022 KATPO Annual Membership Application

We are now accepting KATPO Membership dues for the 2022 calendar year. Please fill this form out to renew or to become a new member.

Individual Membership Dues:​

$25 - Early Bird 2022 KATPO Annual Membership Dues (Paid before or on 01/31/2022)

$35 - 2022 KATPO Annual Membership Dues (Paid on or after 02/01/2022)

Group Discounts:

Group Discounts are available to groups of 3 or more people from the same practice registering at the same time. Additional submissions from the same practice at a later date will be considered individual memberships.

$20 per person ($20 X number of people)

Group Membership Dues ($30 if mailed after Paid on or after 02/01/2022)