President's Welcome




It’s a beautiful Sunday morning as I have the pleasure of looking through all 24 years of our past KATPO programs!  Wow what great memories!


My name is Deborah McDonald. I’m humbled and delighted to serve as the president of the Kentucky Association for Technical Personnel in Ophthalmology. We are a professional organization that offers ophthalmic educational programs, certification preparation, and networking opportunities.


Each year for the past 24 years, KATPO starts out planning their annual conference with a blank canvas. We celebrate and promote the annual scientific session meeting for Association of Technical Personnel in Ophthalmology (ATPO) in collaboration with IJCAHPO’s Annual Continuing Education. ATPO holds their annual meeting at wonderful faraway places. As a fun way to promote our national organization, KATPO recreates some magic each year locally. From the Orlando-themed “where dreams do come true” to the New Orleans styled program “all that jazz”, members get a taste of what’s to come right here in the Bluegrass State. These theme-based programs are a great alternative way to earn continuing educational credits close to home.  In retrospect, those theme programs have been a tradition for KATPO since the early years of our organization when fundus cameras still used film and dark rooms where still around - now that does take us back 25 years ago!


Looking back in hindsight as I continue reading the past evaluations, I can see the twists and turns that our organization went through.  Annually, each KATPO board added their own color, theme and personality to the program canvas with different stokes to promote our national organization. The momentum of having a slate of highly skilled speakers and workshops, both basic and advanced, were evident each year. But more importantly, our highly-motivated attendees made our program what it is today.  It’s you who’ve come back year after year to learn a new ophthalmic pearl or even a new skill, all while networking and having fun earning your continuing education credits that drive our organization to pursue new heights.  Thank you!


Looking forward, we are here in an important time in history.  We are globally connected and have access to more knowledge than ever.  Our KATPO 25th milestone is fast approaching and KATPO 2020 program is now being uniquely customized with a backdrop in place.  It’s time to celebrate, inspire and engage our future! Save the date and join us February 7-8, 2020! 


As President and on behalf of our board members, We encourage each of you to dedicate time to your professional growth and development.  Become a KATPO member and get inspired!  Whether you have been in ophthalmology for years or just a few months, there are many ways to get involved.  Visit our website and fill out the volunteer form. We’d love to have you join our team and help us paint our next canvas!


Warm regards,

Deborah McDonald, CRA, COT

KATPO President