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  • Grow Your Blog Community

    With Wix Blog, you’re not only sharing your voice with the world, you can also grow an active online community. That’s why the Wix blog comes with a built-in members area - so that readers can easily sign easily up to become members of your blog. What can members do? Members can follow each other, write and reply to comments and receive blog notifications. Each member gets their own personal profile page that they can customize. Tip: You can make any member of your blog a writer so they can write posts for your blog. Adding multiple writers is a great way to grow your content and keep it fresh and diversified. Here’s how to do it: Head to your Member’s Page Search for the member you want to make a writer Click on the member’s profile Click the 3 dot icon ( ⠇) on the Follow button Select Set as Writer

  • Design a Stunning Blog

    When it comes to design, the Wix blog has everything you need to create beautiful posts that will grab your reader's attention. Check out our essential design features. Choose from 8 stunning layouts Your Wix Blog comes with 8 beautiful layouts. From your blog's settings, choose the layout that’s right for you. For example, a tiled layout is popular for helping visitors discover more posts that interest them. Or, choose a classic single column layout that lets readers scroll down and see your post topics one by one. Every layout comes with the latest social features built in. Readers can easily share posts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and view how many people have liked a post, made comments and more. Add media to your posts When creating your posts you can: Upload images or GIFs Embed videos and music Create galleries to showcase a media collection Customize the look of your media by making it widescreen or small and easily align media inside your posts. Hashtag your posts Love to #hashtag? Good news! You can add tags (#vacation #dream #summer) throughout your posts to reach more people. Why hashtag? People can use your hashtags to search through content on your blog and find the content that matters to them. So go ahead and #hashtag away!

  • Now You Can Blog from Everywhere!

    We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to manage your blog from anywhere. In this blog post we’ll share the ways you can post to your Wix Blog. Blogging from Your Wix Blog Dashboard On the dashboard, you have everything you need to manage your blog in one place. You can create new posts, set categories and more. To head to your Dashboard, open the Wix Editor and click on Blog > Posts. Blogging from Your Published Site Did you know that you can blog right from your published website? After you publish your site, go to your website’s URL and login with your Wix account. There you can write and edit posts, manage comments, pin posts and more! Just click on the 3 dot icon ( ⠇) to see all the things you can do. #bloggingtips #WixBlog

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  • CE courses | KATPO

    BUCKLE IN AND HANG ON! YOU'RE IN FOR A RIDE THAT WILL ENHANCE YOUR CAREER TO A NEW LEVEL! 5 CE Credits KATPO Members $125 ​ Non Members $175 Keynote Speaker ​ Jacqueline Pullos, COMT, OSC, CTC Moran Eye Center Salt Lake City, Utah Caring for Our Patients with CLAS We live in a rich, dynamic, and diverse world! Our differences in culture, ethnicity,ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, creed, and color should enhance our lives and the lives of those around us. What those differences should never do; however, is create healthcare inequity. As our communities grow and become more diverse, it becomes increasingly more important to make sure we are providing equitable eyecare for all. This presentation will provide a brief introduction to The National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health and Healthcare (The National CLAS Standards) and explore cultural competency and working with the disabled in the local ophthalmic clinic, public health clinics, and in global outreach. To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. "IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT, YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING." Back to the Future


    BOARD OF DIRECTORS KATPO, the Kentucky Association of Technical Personnel in Ophthalmology, is a state chapter of the national chapter, ATPO. As such, KATPO represents the profession of Ophthalmic Medical Personnel (OMP) in and around the Commonwealth of Kentucky. ​ The KATPO Board of Directors is composed of ten leaders, who are OMP who live and/or work in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Each board member is a member in good standing of ATPO and KATPO, and has a desire to promote ophthalmic education and professional advocacy. The Board of Directors is in place to serve and represent all of the members of KATPO. If you have comments or concerns that you wish to share with the Board, please email one of us. President Elect: Steven Vaught, COA Steven Vaught comes to KATPO with 19 years’ experience in eye care as a Member at Large. Steven’s background is largely in optical before joining an ophthalmology practice 4 years ago; having since obtained his COA. He works primarily in the contact lens clinic but also assists in diagnostic testing, general, cornea, and glaucoma. In his free time, Steven volunteers at various free clinic settings, writes and performs music, and spends time with his wife of 24 years. President Elect: Lynnette Lambert, COT Lynnette has been in Ophthalmology for 20 years with many years of experience in retina. She is currently working at a growing ophthalmology practice in Paducah, KY as a COT and is looking forward to achieving a long time goal of becoming a COMT. Lynnette comes back to the KATPO BOD having previously held Member at Large, President and Immediate Past President positions and is honored to now serve as the current KATPO Treasurer. Her favorite quote is from Lily Tomlin " I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody." Vice President: Mary A. Bledsaw, COA Mary has been in Ophthamololgy for 18 years. A senior technician at Robley Rex VA Medical center, she believes in Lincoln’s promise “to care for him whom shall have borne the battle..” and considers it an honor to serve our veterans. She contributes to ATPO as a Super Tech committee member, an ATPO ambassador and a presenter at ATPO 2018 Grand Rounds. As KATPO’s Tech Bowl chair Mary enjoys making learning fun. Immediate President: Meranda Sandlin, COT Meranda had a career in ophthalmology for 14 years. Her background includes many sub-specialties but most of Meranda’s years were spent with cornea. Recently, Meranda accepted a position as a PR representative with Avesis in Kentucky. She looks forward to using her COT knowledge in a whole new way. Meranda has served 3 for years as KATPO secretary and is excited about serving as your new President. Secretary: Laure Ulichney, COT Laure started her career in the eye world by answering an ad for a receptionist in a tiny Optometrist office in New Jersey. The ad said "contact lens wearer preferred." Working there only 9 months before getting married and moving to Maryland, an interest was sparked! Who knew 35 years later she'd still be in the business? After settling in Maryland/southern Pennsylvania , Laure answered another ad for an Optician. "Will Train" the ad said. Laure learned about eye exams and contacts at the first job, next came eye glasses. A few years later she became an ABO certified Optician. The more she learned, the more she wanted to learn! Because of her desire to increase her knowledge. Laure moved into a tech position. It was then, while raising 2 daughters by herself she earned her COA. For a while that was enough, but then that desire to learn was nagging at her! She pulled out the books again, and began studying! Laure became a COT in September of 2019. She is an active member of ATPO and KATPO. Treasurer: Member-at-Large: Danielle Saylor, COA Danielle Saylor currently works at Huffman and Huffman PSC in Harlan KY. She has worked in ophthalmology for 6 years and currently holds her COA. Her job duties include everything from performing diagnostic tests, helping train new employees and handling all equipment issues. Additionally, she is also working toward becoming a licensed optician. Her favorite thing about ophthalmology are her patients because they make each and every case interesting. Member-at-Large:

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  • Benefits of GPU Dedicated Server

    3D Processing: – GPU based dedicated server are well suited to run applications that require 3D processing. GPU based dedicated servers have multiple cores that speed up the processing of server. Fast Performance: – GPU servers comes with multiple cores which helps to accelerate the speed of application hosted on dedicated server with GPU. A normal GPU based dedicated server starts with 700 cores and it varies up to 3000 cores. Therefore GPU based dedicated servers are highly recommended to host applications like Machine learning, Crypto Currency, Big data, gaming application etc. Big data application: – Big data applications require lot of data processing in real time. GPU based dedicated server provide a platform to take real time business decisions. With the help of GPU based dedicated servers a user can run multiple queries and algorithms run in parallel to analyse the data and it helps to solve the complex problem. Data Analysis: – GPU based dedicated servers are well suited to run application that require lot of data analysis. GPU server can process accurate floating point arithmetic and complex mathematical problems easily. The feature of fast data analysis makes it suitable to run applications like big data and machine learning on GPU based dedicated servers. Video Streaming and Gaming Applications: – GPU based dedicated server are recommended to run applications related to video streaming and gaming. Game application like counter strike, Minecraft perform well with GPU based dedicated servers. GPU servers comes with an option of SSD drives which increases the overall performance of the applications. VDI Applications: – Due to Covid 19 most of the IT companies in world are doing work from home. Therefore the use of VDI applications is gaining importance. Companies prefer to provide a platform to its employee where all the desired software’s are pre-configured on the system. GPU based dedicated servers gives wonderful performance to run VDI based applications. Support in installation of VDI application on dedicated server with GPU. More info: GPU Dedicated Server | Virtual Desktop Regards, Bruce

  • Benefits of SharePoint

    Microsoft SharePoint Features and Benefits 1. Multi-purpose functionality built in The greatest of all the SharePoint benefits is its flexibility. The collaborative platform serves as an intranet, which is simply a company’s internal website for information sharing, task scheduling, contacts, and much more. Administrators can assign different permission levels depending on the users status. Beyond that, the software has functions for document sharing, file management, social networking, business information, and virtually everything else involved in the day-to-day operations of your business. 2. Centralized administration Ease of management is one of the most significant SharePoint 2010 benefits. Administrators can quickly access operation features, including security settings, coll, back up sites and site data, perform restorations, and update privileges all on a single dashboard. 3. Customizable You can keep the default online SharePoint features and benefits, or you can tailor them to your business needs. Your team will have the ability to build custom elements in each of the Microsoft SharePoint features. You can similarly customize the entire application’s interface to reflect your branding and improve employees’ perceptive experience with the app through the drag and drop functions. 4. Document management and collaboration Microsoft SharePoint 2013 makes it possible to organize your company’s information in an accessible manner. The central benefits of SharePoint include a streamlined flow of information and cloud storage that can be accessed by mobile devices. Informed employees make better decisions, meet deadlines, understand the shared business strategy, and contribute better to it. File sharing on SharePoint is done by a simple click or touch of a button. Yes, mobility is one of the numerous benefits of SharePoint 2013. 5. Site consolidation You can integrate all your sites (shared work environments) into one platform and slash down the costs of a siloed site administration. The consolidation of the internet and intranet sites makes it easily accessible and managed by internal teams. Read more: SharePoint on Azure | Azure Desktop Regards, Bruce

  • Drake Hosted on The Cloud Benefits

    1. Flexible Access to Your Tax Data Cloud allows users to work from anywhere and at any time with an Internet-enabled device. This easy accessibility adds great convenience for the users. Multiple users can access and share the same files and data simultaneously with no disruption. With a collaborative platform, the cloud makes it easier for tax preparers or CPAs to coordinate with their clients to make necessary changes in their tax filing process. As there is no restriction of being tied to a local system, productivity increases, irrespective of the location from which you are working. It is easier to work on Drake hosted software as the user-interface is the same as the desktop version. 2. Huge Cost Savings in the Cloud Drake hosting results in cost efficiency as it reduces the cost of IT infrastructure significantly. There is no need for software installation, upgrade, maintenance, or even a dedicated IT staff, as all these things are taken care of by the cloud provider. Moreover, cloud services free you from capital expenditure. You just need to pay for what you use and enjoy the services based on your subscription plan. Moreover, as downtime issues are rare in the cloud, you don’t have to spend money to fix potential downtime issues. It is a misconception that only large companies can afford cloud services, when in fact, they’re extremely affordable to SMBs. 3. Enhanced Security Gone are the days when technical experts doubted security in the cloud. In the past few years, security in the cloud has elevated to much higher levels. With advanced security techniques such as firewalls, anti-virus, multi-factor authentication, automated backups, end-to-end encryption, and Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS & IPS), your tax data is more secure than a locally managed system. Users can even remotely wipe out their data from stolen or lost systems to avoid it getting in the wrong hands. Drake hosting providers are also equipped to prevent data loss from any human error or natural calamity with well-documented disaster recovery procedures. 4. Get 24/7 Support on The Cloud For a smooth tax process, it’s essential that all your issues are resolved on time. Most tax professionals aren’t able to hire a dedicated IT team to handle their tax issues. However, with Drake tax software hosting, you always have a well-trained team of industry experts to ensure that your software runs smoothly and is always accessible by the users. 5. Cloud Ensures Backup and Disaster Recovery Tax data on the local system is always prone to permanent loss due to various reasons like data theft or software damage. Regular data backup or disaster recovery solution is one of the reliable ways to protect your data. However, most tax professionals and CPAs find it a little heavy on their pocket and are usually ignorant to take these steps. With Drake cloud hosting, you will get automated and secure data backup stored in multiple locations on a regular basis. Therefore, even if you make small changes or accidentally delete some files, you can easily recover them. Learn more: Drake Hosted | Cloud PC Regards, Bruce

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